Setting Sail to the Penguin Colony

Setting Sail to the Penguin Colony
July 24, 2022 cilenefuego



The tour begins with a trip through the bay of Ushuaia towards the Beagle Channel from the port of Ushuaia city.

You will visit the “Isla de los Pájaros” (Birds Island) where you’ll see the flora and fauna of the place as well as the outstanding birds.

You’ll then continue to “Isla de los Lobos” where the star attractions are the sea lions of one and two hairs. These two islands are part of the Bridges Archipelago.

At Les Eclaireurs Lighthouse you will make the stop everyone is waiting for! There you can also see Imperial Cormorants and Rockhoppers and learn about the wreck of the SS Monte Cervantes in the 1930’s.

From there you will head east. During the navigation you can see Puerto Almanza on the Argentine side, and the Puerto Williams Naval Base on the Chilean side. 

Then you’ll dock for half an hour at Martillo Island where we’ll  see a colony of Magellanic penguins, Gentoo penguins and some King penguins.

Finally, the return trip to the city begins. You’ll sail close to the coast of the Channel, which allows you to see the flora and fauna of the area up close. It is also possible to observe the Estancia Túnel and Estancia Remolino, where the semi-sunken hull of the Monte Sarmiento Steamship has been located since 1912.

One of the last views that the tour offers is the mountain range that surrounds the city of Ushuaia.